I’ve Never Climbed

First time climbers are welcome! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and beginner friendly walls help you have a fun and memorable first time climbing. Whether you just want to climb one time to have a little adventure or take your first steps along your journey into a life of rock climbing, we have just the right experience for you. Check out one of the below great options for the first time climber and get climbing!



Day Pass: $16
Equipment Rental: $10
Belay Lesson: $8
Beginner Package: $30 (includes day pass, equipment rental and belay lesson)
Happy Hour: $20 per climber, Saturdays and Sundays, Noon to 3pm (includes day pass, equipment rental and instruction)
Friday Night Rocks: $10 per climber (teens), Friday nights, 7-10 pm  (includes day pass, equipment rental and instruction) Must present student ID.
First Saturday Kids Belay! $16 per climber, first Saturday of every month, 10 am-Noon, at the Downtown Crag. Ages 4-10. Includes equipment rental. No experience required. Members! Want to climb during First Saturday Kids Belay? You can! Bring your kids in and we will belay them while you climb.
You can arrive with your child at any time during this program.
You must stay in the facility while your child participates.

IMPORTANT! Anyone under 18 that wants to climb needs a waiver with a parent signature. Get our waiver here.

Ten Visit Pass: $130 

30 Day Trial Pass: Get 30 days of climbing for only $45! Includes rental equipment! Does not matter if you are new to climbing or have had past memberships to the gym, anyone can get in on the deal (valid one time only per customer).


Climbing at Flagstaff Climbing Center is a great way to get your group working together. Climbing teaches team work, clear communication and trust.

Climb On Group & Birthday Parties
Perfect for any one that can get at least 6 people together to climb at Flagstaff Climbing Center. Climb for two hours with your friends, family and co-workers. Our deck overlooking the climbing area is included in group rate and can be used for cake, pizza or just hanging out and watching climbers.

Rates: 6-9 climbers, starting at $23/climber 10+ climbers, starting at $19/climber

Rock Camp Group
Custom program that offers your group a more valuable experience. A minimum of three hours of climbing and instruction move beyond the Climb On experience with team building and challenging games at Flagstaff Climbing Center. Work with one of our Facilitators to develop a plan that matches your team’s goals.

Rates: 6+ climbers, starting at $39/climber

Did you know? You can rent the climbing center during off hours. It’s great for large groups and overnighters. All group programs include day pass, rental gear and instruction. When scheduling a group you must reserve the time and give us a deposit at least one week in advance of the date requested. Cancellation policy is strictly enforced. Waivers are required for everyone in group. If climber is under 18, a parent or legal guardian signature is required on waiver. No exceptions. Waiver can be found here. If you are interested in getting your group out on the real rock. Please contact us for information about our guide service.


“Our education program is accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association. This means that when you choose us to teach you climbing skills, you are learning from some of the most qualified guides and instructors in the southwest. Climb with confidence knowing you learned the right skills the first time.”

Introduction to Gym Climbing: $79 

Two hour class teaching the fundamentals of climbing movement, climbing knots and belay technique. Class includes a week of free climbing in the gym.

Belay Lesson $8
We teach belay lessons on the fly. If you want to climb in the gym but are not familiar with belaying with a tube style belay device, properly putting on a harness and tying into the rope you must take this class. This lesson is included in our Beginning Day Package for $29 which includes day pass, rental gear and belay lesson. No reservations required.


  • American Alpine Club
  • American Mountain Guides Association
  • Outdoor Industry Association
  • Climbing Wall association
  • The Access Fund
  • Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce
  • United States Forest Service