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  10. Pre-Requisites for Single Pitch Instructor Course

  11. You meet the pre-requisites for the SPI course if you:

    1. Have a genuine interest in rock climbing and instructing novices on single pitch crags.
    2. Are at least 18 years old at the time of the course.
    3. Have climbing shoes or approach shoes in which you can climb up to 5.7.
    4. Have at least 12 months prior climbing experience.
    5. Are an active climbing with traditional lead climbing experience (leader placing pro).
    6. Have trad lead climbed a minimum of 15 graded rock climbing routes (any grade).
    7. Are capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 while on a top rope.

    The listed pre-requisites are absolute minimums and most candidates have way in excess of the above. Without having at least this amount of experience you are unlikely to play a constructive part on the course or be able to make best use of the training. If you are unsure of your skill levels we suggest hiring an AMGA/IFMGA certified guide to evaluate and enhance your skills and experience prior to SPI Program enrollment.

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  16. Cancellation Policy

  17. To cancel or reschedule an AMGA Course reservation, $100 is non-refundable. No refunds are given after 30 days prior to the program start date. You will be charged for the full amount if you cancel/reschedule within 30 days of start date.
  18. AMGA SPI Gear List

  19. Required:

    • UIAA/CE approved Climbing Helmet
    • UIAA/CE approved Climbing Harness with belay loop
    • Climbing shoes or approach shoes in which you can climb up to 5.7
    • Standard “lead climbing rack” such as, stoppers/nuts, SLCD’s, tri-cams, etc.
    • Assorted 24” and 48” runners (must have one 48” runner)
    • 10 or more non-locking carabiners
    • 3 or more “HMS/Pearbiners”
    • 6 or more locking carabiners, (the more, the better)
    • Belay/rappel device, such as the “Reverso”, “ATC”, etc.
    • Releasable locking belay device, such as the Petzl “GriGri” or Trango “Cinch” belay devices
    • 2 Prussic loops (1m of 5mm Nylon Accessory Cord)
    • 2 cordelettes (5m of 7mm Nylon Accessory Cord)
    • One 50-60m “single” rope (9.5-10.5mm) suitable for leading and top roping
    • One static or “semi static” (gym line) rope 10-11mm, 30m+, for setting up anchors and fixed lines

    All gear will be inspected on the first morning of the course and is expected to be in good condition. Mark all of your gear!

  20. Your registration is NOT COMPLETE! After submitting this form you MUST purchase product on following page to finish registration.

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