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  75. Please read before agreeing:

  76. I understand that receipt of this application does not imply that I will be employed nor does it indicate that there are positions available. In addition, I understand that this application will become inactive after four months.

    By submitting this application, I hereby authorize the release of any employment data relevant to employment at NARF for the purpose of employment investigation. I authorize a thorough investigation of my past employment, activities and background and agree to cooperate in such investigation. I release from liability or responsibility all persons and corporations requesting or supplying such information. The investigation may also include a determination regarding whether I have a criminal record.

    I fully understand that if employed, any misrepresentation or omission on the application or any other company record will result in dismissal, regardless of the date of discovery. I acknowledge that employment is also subject to a satisfactory review of my references.

    I understand if hired, my employment will be terminable-at-will, without cause or notice, that I am not being employed for any specified of definite period of time, and that this application is not intended to be a contract or offer for continued employment. I understand that the "Employee Handbook" does not represent an employment contract if I am hired.

  77. By submitting this application I acknowledge having read the above information.


  • American Alpine Club
  • American Mountain Guides Association
  • Outdoor Industry Association
  • Climbing Wall association
  • The Access Fund
  • Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce
  • United States Forest Service