Introduction To Rock Climbing- PRM 399
The course will be conducted inside at Flagstaff Climbing Center on day one and outside, on real rock at one of Flagstaff’s numerous climbing areas, on day two. Students will have ample time to practice their skills with other beginner climbers, focusing on equipment use, climbing technique, belaying, and rappelling.


Advanced Rock Climbing and Anchor Building- PRM 399
For those who have moved beyond the beginner level and want to learn to set up their own climbing site, this course is focused on advanced climbing skills and technical rope and risk management skills. This class can be an excellent prep course for the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course.




Rock Trips
The Rock Trip camps is for climbers ages 11-17. The camps are 5 days long Monday- Friday, 8:30am-4pm during the summer months. Climbers are taught a variety of climbing skills from basic rope work and movement to advanced anchor building while being educated on local ecology, geology and environmental ethics including Leave No Trace. Next Camps start June 2017.




Climbing outside is the ultimate climbing experience. Climb with Flagstaff Climbing Guides and let us take your group or team building event to the top. Flagstaff Climbing Guides have run team building groups for Wells Fargo Bank, Forever Living Products, Forever Resorts and many more.




Flagstaff Climbing Guides can be contracted to work in a variety of environments and settings. We have done consulting and instructor trainings for athletic clubs, City of Flagstaff Facilities Management, Flagstaff Fire Department, Coconino County Search and Rescue, Boy Scouts of America, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, The Oprah Network, NASA, USGS and more.



Gear Clinic 
Gain experience and knowledge about placing removable climbing protection. Cams (SLCD’s), Nuts, Hexes and Tri-cams are all important tools on a crack climber’s rack. Work with a professional to learn their proper use.

Next Course: June 10, 8-Noon
Cost: $50 public/20% off for members

How to Top Rope Outside Clinic
Practice proper techniques required to set up top ropes in varied outdoor settings.  This is a great opportunity to take the leap from gym to the outdoor crag without having to learn how to lead climb!

Next Course:  June 24, 8 am-4 pm
Cost: $100 public/20% off for members

Sport Climbing Clinic
Time to get on the sharp end! We will spend a day clipping bolts and practicing techniques required to climb and belay at a sport climbing (bolted) area. Climbers should feel comfortable top roping 5.9 before taking this class.

Next Course:  July 15, 8 am-4 pm
Cost: $100 public/20% off for members

Women’s Weekend at The Pit
Join us for this day and a half of climbing outside! This course is designed to take your indoor climbing skills and apply them to real rock. The first half day (1-5pm) will primarily focus on getting comfortable outside and climbing a ton. The second day will be a full day (8am-4pm) of climbing, practicing leading, and developing the skills to become independent outdoor climbers. Plus, you’ll get to meet other climbing ladies, explore Flagstaff’s local sport climbing and have a ton of fun! Women interested should be able to Top Rope belay. (Bonus: Our Women’s Only Indoor Lead Class is July 22, 9am-12pm. Take both courses for a perfect skill progression and get 10% off both.)

Next Course: July 22-23
Cost: $149 public/20% off for members.


Trad Climbing Clinic
This class puts all the pieces together – lead climbing, gear placement and anchor building. Get the skills you need to take on your trad climbing goals. Climbers should feel comfortable leading 5.9 sport before taking this class.

Next Course: July 29, 8 am-4 pm
Cost: $100 public/20% off for members

Rock Warrior’s Way Outdoor Falling & Commitment Clinic w/Laura Sabourin

This outdoor clinic addresses falling directly to help improve commitment. We do progressive falling practice, followed by movement, breathing, resting, and body/mind awareness exercises. Finally, students apply everything to a goal route. Students leave understanding how to take appropriate risks and how to commit to those risks.

You’ll learn how to:

Fall safely
Give a dynamic (cushioned) belay
Break a climb into smaller risk events
Assess risks effectively
Distinguish between no- and yes-fall zones
Engage no- and yes-fall zones appropriately
Make appropriate risk decisions
Improve body and mind awareness
Rest effectively
Improve breathing
Create flow and momentum
Deal with climbing stress
Commit more deliberately
Reduce fear, and more

Able to toprope 5.8 in a gym with no falls
Climb indoors/outdoors at least 1-2 times per week
At least 6 months of continuous climbing experience within the last year

Next Course: August 5, 8 am-5 pm
Cost: $225 members/$270 non-members

Women’s Crack Climbing Clinic
Want to learn how to crack climb? Psyched about getting out of the gym to enjoy the summer sunshine? Want to climb with an awesome group of women? Join us for a full day at our local crag, Paradise Forks, where you can take your indoor climbing skills outside. Women interested should be able to Top Rope belay.

Next Course: August 6, 8 am-4 pm
Cost: $100 public/20% off for members!

  • American Alpine Club
  • American Mountain Guides Association
  • Outdoor Industry Association
  • Climbing Wall association
  • The Access Fund
  • Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce
  • United States Forest Service